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What We Do

Global Health

Health is a prerequisite for a self-determined life. However, medical care is often inadequate, particularly in developing countries and emerging economies. Strong health systems are essential to address health emergencies and ongoing health threats in the communities we serve. From medicine and vaccinations to prenatal care and nutrition support, when the right systems are in place, women, men and children get the care they need. And health care workers get the equipment and supplies they need to protect themselves and save lives.

We believe ;No one should get sick or die because he is poor.




Maternal health, Prenatal to Newborn Care

Every day, more than 1000 women die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth, with most of those deaths entirely preventable. DFS International works, where the maternal mortality rates are the worst in the world. DFS International focuses heavily on caring for women and expectant mothers. Around the world, we partner with governments , NGO and other partners of health to improve health systems on behalf of women and their families. we deliver comprehensive women’s and maternal health care to not only save lives, but also promote the right to health, safety, and autonomy among those marginalized by gender. DFS International supported facilities offer the full spectrum of maternal health care, from prenatal checkups, to safe deliveries, to postnatal monitoring and follow-up. We make home visits to women during and after pregnancy to keep a close eye on their health, and refer and accompany them to care when needed—especially when it’s time to deliver.

HIV Prevention & Care

DFS International believe no mother or child is beyond the reach of high quality HIV/AIDS care. The same medications that treat an HIV infected mother dramatically reduce the chance that the virus is transmitted to her baby. Our goal is to prevent HIV, but we do not turn away from children born with the virus. Instead, a center of excellence for the care of children with HIV in west west Africa is the cornerstone of our approach. We provide critical services during labor and delivery, comprehensive baby care, HIV prevention, and rehabilitation for life-threatening needs. Our services are tailored to the context and demonstrated needs of the field partners and their patients. Our goal is to keep HIV infected pregnant women healthy and do everything we can to prevent the transmission of the virus to the newborn.

Child Health

We provide health care and social support for children in our communities around the world, delivering compassionate care to society’s most vulnerable. We do this while strengthening health systems to ensure that future generations receive the care they need. this program range from malnutrition to HIV but have one idea in common—no child should die because they lack access to care.


DFS International nutrition program aim to measurably improve the quality of the diets of those most vulnerable to malnutrition, increasing the consumption of safe and nutritious foods. We strive to achieve a legacy of lasting nutritional improvements through programming that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. Developing and supporting business models that are sustainably implemented. Connecting and collaborating with governments. We work closely with host countries governments and like-minded partners and continually seek to share our learnings, and to incorporate improvements in view of maximizing our impact at scale. We also work to reimagine primary health care through a people-centered, data-driven approach that gives everyone a fair chance at health and well-being.

Sexual Reproductive & Family Planning

DFS International is committed to increasing access to family planning, ending period poverty, and equipping health providers to facilitate safer births by;

Strengthening Healthcare System by Education and Training

By working with facility staff and community health workers, we strengthen the referral systems between the community and health facilities, including referrals from lower- to higher-level facilities help ensure that quality healthcare is provided to the most vulnerable by providing outreach services following national guidelines and protocols, with appropriate reporting. Competent and trained staff who are able to provide technical oversight to others are vital to the overall success and sustainability of the health system. DFS International also works with health facilities to improve documentation and data use for decision-making.
DFS International develops and implements innovative technological solutions that help our partners overcome the challenges of their limited resource settings. Our goal: to use technology to make the care of the patient, the education of the healthcare worker and the tracking of essential life-saving materials into a single, seamless activity. Our strategy is to transform frontline healthcare workers into precision data collectors while facilitating, rather than impeding, their busy work caring for patients. We focus on simple and scalable technologies that allow healthcare providers to track their outcomes in real-time using cloud-based data collection software and analysis tools. We works to provide medical devices, supplies and equipment to hospitals and medical facilities around the world. We create and advance easy-to-use technologies to prevent deadly complications in labor and delivery; advocate to make newborns and mothers a global priority; and empower communities with education to protect moms and babies before, during, and after birth.

Drone for Health

DFS International transform health care delivery to reach maximum of people around the world. DFS International drone for health program has been initiated to improves access to health products by integrating drones into supply chains. In collaboration with governments, the private sector and non-governmental organizations, we are demonstrating the potential to improve product availability and increase equitable access to lifesaving medicines and vaccines. Drones help to save time where it is more geographically challenging for cars, motorcycles or boats to reach and also have the potential to create cost-efficiencies. we delivery vaccine doses , blood , contraceptives and others medical products.

Building Partnership-Based Philanthropy

With leading pharmaceutical companies and trusted local partners on the ground, we are delivering medicine free-of-charge to the most vulnerable people , we are collecting medical equipment and supplies primarily from our hospital and other types of medical donor partners. We send these donations to medical facilities around the globe. We work closely with our healthcare partners on the ground in developing countries as well as our ground teams to donate this much needed medicine to their patients.
With leading pharmaceutical companies and trusted local partners on the ground, we are delivering medicine free-of-charge to the most vulnerable people , we are collecting medical equipment and supplies primarily from our hospital and other types of medical donor partners. We send these donations to medical facilities around the globe. We work closely with our healthcare partners on the ground in developing countries as well as our ground teams to donate this much needed medicine to their patients.

Building Healthcare Infrastructure

DFS International health program provide funding for hospitals or clinics construction equipped with medical equipment, biomedical support, clinical training , housing for health professionals and community health system on serving the poor in undeserved, rural areas in the world . We also support selected organizations that are serving the very poor in urban or peri-urban areas through project proposals.

Health Equity Fund Project

DFS International is planning to create a fund to increase access to health care and improve health outcomes for marginalized communities in West Africa . We will fund on-the-ground organizations and potential partners who addressing health inequities; working to diversify the health care workforce, eliminate health disparities, and employ technology to make health care more accessible and reliable to their patients.


DFS International makes education a priority among its long-term and development-based efforts because it's the key of ending poverty...
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Water Sanitation & Hygience

Our goal is to ensure that people have access to clean and safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene everywhere we go...
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Women’s Empowerment

Our agricultural investments play an important role in the DFS international broader effort to empower women and girls with economic opportunities....
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Food / Sustaianable Agriculture Initiatives

Agriculture is the main source of income for several hundred million people around the world who struggle with poverty and hunger...
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Enviroment & Climate Change

Conserving natural resources is a basic requirement for sustainable development and improving the quality of human life...
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Gender Equality & Inclusion

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Sustaianable Infrastructure Construction

Safe and reliable roads and other transport investments help reduce barriers to growth and create opportunities for people and communities....
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Research, Evidence and Analysis

DFS International supports humanitarian planning, programming and implementation through field-based assessment and research projects....
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Governanance, Democratic & Effective Civil Society

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Emergency Assistance

When it comes disaster’s whatever natural or not, wars or terrorism victims , we are ready to provide all the first aids no matter what , how , where and who. Working in collaboration with our global networks and partners, we are able to quickly respond to global emergencies in three key ways:

After emergency needs are met, DFS International team helps families and villages rebuild what they have lost. This includes many
things such as new seeds and equipment to farm again, materials for construction of homes, animals to replenish livestock, and training
to prepare for future disasters.