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Mr . Dabre Saramane, Founder Ceo DFS International

DFS International believes that solving the complex challenges of poverty and social injustice can best be achieved by working with others. By pooling resources and expertise, our collective action is greater and more impactful than what we can deliver on our own. In addition to funding partners, we work with a range of actors from local project partners and advocacy allies to research and technical institutions, and suppliers.DFS International is committed to partnerships that are empowering, respectful, and focused on mutual learning and growth. We believe that poverty and social injustice can best be addressed through strategic and impactful partnerships with a range of actors from government, civil society, private sector and beyond.

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When you give to DFS International , you fight against the barriers that humans being face every day.Every day, DFS International helps people in the poorest communities in the world survive and thrive. You will help us continue to lift children, women , families and communities out of poverty around the world. Ninety five percent of your donations goes directly to support struggling people in rural areas .

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HEADQUATER : 1521 Rosedale Avenue, Floor 3 Bronx NY10460

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Tel :+1(646)421-9358